Six Points of Utah

Six Points of Utah

This is our Six Points of Utah Ride. A ride to be done at your convience. 

This Challenge ride is designed to encourage members to enjoy their own riding adventure, while collecting miles for the club. Of course, any miles you ride count towards the National HOG "Ride 365" mileage rewards. If you ride to each of the 6 points and follow the instructions below for documenting each point, you are eligible to receive a one of a kind custom patch.  YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL 6 POINTS AND SUBMIT THE 6 PHOTOS BY NOVEMBER 1, 2023 TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PATCH.  If you complete both the 6 Point and the Lucky 7 Dealer Dash you are eligible for a bonus challenge coin.  You can do it all in one ride, or break it up into as many rides as you want.  Below are the requirements to successfully complete this challenge ride.

Six Points of Utah:

1. Ride your Harley to each Notable Utah point described in Flyer.
2. At each Point (Gunlock State Park for example) take a photo of you, your Harley, the sign identifying the location, and the number 23 displayed using your fingers or a sign showing 2023. (All in one Photo)
3, Make sure the sign identifying the point is clearly visible.
5. You must submit photos of all 6 Points before November 1, 2023 to be eligible.
6. Email your photo of each point to:  [email protected]

Enjoy your Adventure!

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